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Day 2 - Crowden to Blackstone Edge Reservoir (and a little bit further)

We did over 20 miles today and almost 1,100 metres of elevation. In short I am knackered. We’ve pitched up under some impressive cliffs. It’s pouring with rain and really windy but for now I’m dry and warm and my tea is on the stove.

Sadly there is virtually no network here so I can’t upload any photos or videos. Not sure whether anything will upload to be honest. I’ll try on route tomorrow if not.

I feel like we’ve been through so many different landscapes today, going for hours without seeing anyone to crossing the M62 above Littleborough. For a long time we could see Manchester in the distance, now we’re even leaving that behind. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as yesterday, but it was very windy before the rain started.

Already after 2 hours I could feel the stress and pain in my shoulders and neck. Yesterday that only came after about 7 hours. The thing is, it’s not just the weight you’re carrying today that matters. It matters what you were carrying yesterday and the day before that.

When the young people In2Out support take on a new challenge or maybe are just expected to do the mundane or cope with a new situation people often have expectations that they should just be able to cope. I wish it was that simple, but sometimes the ‘weights’ they have been carrying, often for many years means they simply can’t cope with what’s in front of them. It’s not just the weight or the challenge of today, it’s the weight of yesterday that matters.

Tomorrow is probably only around 17 miles but it looks like it’s going to be raining on and off for a lot of the day and packing up is never fun in the rain.

But for the moment I’m dry and warm and ready to sleep.

Thanks to all of you that have subscribed to follow my journey and for all those who have already given so generously to our fundraising goal. We are almost at £13,000!

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Loving reading the reflections and parallels Mark. Keep them coming! We're all behind you in spirit!


Go on Mark, we are all screaming your name from the hilly Lemanic Arc ! keep on Vloging, keep on Walking, you're absolutely flying !!!


Rainy days and Mondays always get me down 😜

Tomorrow is Tuesday though… a new dawn, a new day and you will be feeling …..

(Run out of song lyric based motivation now)

Go Mark 💪


You are doing great, Mark! Well done - good rest and off you go tomorrow for another day! God Bless!!!


When youve finished this amazing trek you will have muscles like Arnold Swarts a whats his name!! Jenny

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