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Day 3 - Blackstone Edge Reservoir to Ponden Mill.

I feel like I should start with a few photos from yesterday seeing as there was such limited capacity to upload anything in the middle of nowhere. But guess what? I’m in the middle of nowhere again with little or no reception. But I’ll try. Here’s yesterdays campsite.

Today was…awful. Last night it rained most of the night and the wind raged. Same when we had to pack up this morning. We were already fully waterproofed up, but after long enough it just starts to get in anyway. It was a long slog up in the driving rain to the monument at Studley Pike then down and down into Hebden Bridge, and then up and up, and then down and down into the next valley. You get the picture. And most of the time raining hard!

One foot in particular was painful with a developing blister for the first hour and just got worse.

By the end of the afternoon there was the sight of some blue sky.

Somehow (ibuprofen helps a bit) we kept going and going and eventually 17.5 miles later we arrived at Ponden Mill to find my good friend Steve walking up the hill towards us. And then more friends Tony and Janet drove up to say hello! Amazing. We’re now in the pub with Steve eating some decent food and can hardly remember the pain and struggle of the day.

My amazing team keep telling me to take one day at a time, just like we tell our young people. It’s hard to do, but at times like this it feels like I have no other choice. It’s a similar distance tomorrow, but with less climbing. Am I worried for tomorrow? Yes. Might it rain tomorrow? Yes.

All I can do is take one day at a time.

Thanks so much to all of you that have left comments. It’s always so encouraging to read.

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Good morning weiry travellers !

Hope you are feeling refreshed after your drenching !!

One Day At A Time, for us all !!

I don’t know if your signal is good enough but when you can listen to that song on utube I’ve just listened, the words are perfect when we struggle. I’m sat in my warm comfy sitting room and even here need to be reminded every day. How much more lads in turmoil !!

You are incredible to do this a symbol to us comfy folk of God’s love we have every day by day.

Praying for your feet !!! to get you to the journeys end in triumph. 🌈☀️


Mark I don’t know if you ever read touching the void but Joe Simpson set his goal the next rock then the next one to crawl of the mountain. I cannot imagine the difficulty but you are doing it. What a man!


You guys are doing brilliantly! Don’t skimp on the ibuprofen and the pub stops! (And Mark, Tris has got some magic arnica foot gel in case!). Praying for an easier day today. Love Rosi


Thanks Mark your doing really well 😊


You're best days might be ahead of you. They also might not. But there's only one way to find out! Loving the updates - I know I'm inspired by you 😍

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