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Day 4 - Ponden to Gargrave

Seems a bit bonkers to think that was already day 4. I’m refusing to calculate how many more that means there are. One day at a time, and who mentioned walking all the way to Scotland?

The fog and rain were set in for most of the morning and with no landmarks or view it was pretty monotonous and hard walking across Ickornshaw Moor. Most of the way it was fairly clear where to go as there is a pavement of slabs over some of the boggiest parts, but at other points it was a case of just finding a way through and hoping it didn’t lead to a dead end of more bog. Even with a map it was just a case of trusting we were going in the right direction and not wandering off into the mist. Even When it wasn’t raining, walking through the clouds makes for a pretty damp experience.

Thankfully I also have downloaded maps on my phone that could pin point exactly where we were. It helped a lot to be sure and to realise that it was going to come to an end. But finally the cloud lifted and we could see all the way to Penyghent - tomorrows destination. I can’t remember how far it was, but a long way.

Eventually we did come off the moor and into a lot of farmland and rolling hill country heading towards Lothersdale where we stopped for lunch after about 9 miles. Finally the rain had stopped and it actually got out warm and sunny. Suddenly my bag was festooned with damp socks that I’ve been storing up for days. I used 3 pairs today - that’s how wet my boots were! But there was a lot of road walking, which just felt hard. But there was also beautiful countryside.

It took a lot of just keeping going today and somehow the feet held out. Not perfect, but not terrible. Now we’re in Gargrave camped next to good friends Sue and Nick and royally fed!

Another day to be grateful for, made so much easier by friends. Yesterday one of our young people told her mentor, ‘You’re the ones that are there when no one else is.’ I’m so grateful for all the support and messages and practical help I’ve received even in a few days. I know people who care are there. When it’s tough, when it’s wet and miserable, when you’re in pain and want to give up, you need to know that there are people that are there for you.

We’ve passed £13,000 raised which is brilliant. Only 186 miles to raise the rest…let’s keep going.

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10 comentários

Ps tell Tris the rain seems to be making him grow…… let’s hope it stops raining quick!


Well done Mark! Let’s see a picture of the sock-bunting when you can! Hope today is a cracker! xx


You’re doing great Mark!! 😁🙏🏼


Another day hopefully another load of dollars for the charity !

It’s one thing to talk the talk a whole other thing to walk the walk. You are a superstar.


Andrew Georgiou
Andrew Georgiou
15 de mai.

What an inspiration you are Mark! Glad you've got some friends joining you along the way too.

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