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Ready, steady…

Well, I am on the start line in Edale, ready to go first thing tomorrow morning. But be honest I’ve made a bit of a false start and done the first 2km of Day 1 already this evening because the only place I could find to camp around Edale was a little way along the route. So a nice easy day today. 😀 Train from York to Sheffield where I teamed up with my good friend Tris who’s joining me for the first 6 days. What a guy!

Last night we had a brilliant 10 year celebration event in Wetherby with about 100 supporters, staff, volunteers and prison staff. What a bunch of amazing folk. I am shattered though. 🥱 A lot of work went into last night and then of course the mix of adrenaline from that and then wondering whether I had everything ready for today, didn’t make for a very good nights sleep. Tonight will be the first night in the tent, but I’m definitely hoping to sleep better!

It is hot. And dry. So at least my tent will be dry on day one! The weather looks like it’s going to cool off from Monday, which is great, but also start raining, which is not. Still, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m going to have to learn to just take what comes.

Last minute nerves are so common for our young people on the brink of release from prison. They often don’t know the place that they will be sleeping that next night. It may be in a completely unfamiliar town or city. Try and imagine what that must feel like? At least I know where we plan to stay tomorrow night and I know I have a travel companion that means any challenges faced are shared. When you’re heading into the unknown that makes such a difference.

Thanks to all of you that have subscribed to follow my journey and for all those who have already given so generously to our fundraising goal. We are already over £12,000 which is amazing. That’s 3 more young people supported for a year!! £8,000 and 2 more young people to go.

Together we can make a real difference in the lives of our young people.

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Keep going Mark, you’re doing brilliantly. Praying for you 🙏


Hi Mark. Well done. Praying for good health, good weather and good sleep. God bless. From Tony and Janet


Good luck mark!! From Owen aaliyah and arlo😊🙏


What an amazing challenge your doing to help young people, wishing you all the best, eat and drink often and the legs will keep moving 😀😅 You can do it ⛺️⛺️🚶, love H,G,E,J x


Will be praying for a dry, easy day tomorrow and a good night's sleep.

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