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Training is underway...

Well, the training has started. A quick trip to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales and Rydal Water in the Lake District this weekend meant I could test out my kit, and more importantly my legs, over some pretty steep terrain and in some ridiculously high winds in the Lakes!! We didn't get up to the snowline, but it wasn't too far away. Even though there was no camping involved I was carrying a lot of the stuff that I'll have for the Pennine Way just to get used to the weight - which probably came to about 13-14 kilos. What I hadn't factored in was how much water I'll need to carry. I will take a water filter so I should be able to restock on route, but it's always good to have a decent back-up supply. And I didn't manage anywhere near the distances that I'll need to be doing daily in May...but it's a start.

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Absolutely brilliant Mark ... praying you though .. daily !!

Graeme & Jenny

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